Internships Overseas

Internship or industry training forms an integral part of the Curriculum. This is the time when the students experience the nuances of the Hospitality Industry. The Industrial training enables students to relate the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom, with systems, standards and practices used in the Hospitality Industry.

Quite often students receive final job offers from the hotels they are training in during the internship itself. SCHMTT students undergo the Internship in prestigious hotels both in India and abroad.

International Internship provides a tremendous opportunity for learning of foreign languages, a global perspective to business practices and cultural exchange opportunities that are second to none.

To make the students conversant in diverse cultures, Limited opportunities for Internships and Summer Placements in the US, Canada, UK and other countries through various experts/agencies in the field are available. This provides the best option to learn about cultures, languages and customs of other countries. Besides the monetary gains, students get the opportunity to travel and get International exposure and networking possibilities.

Suryadatta always encourages students for such endeavors. This is an unique experience for these students. Such experiences give students an edge over the others in their professional life and also encourage and motivate others.

SCHMTT Internship Record
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