2nd Year Students Organise A Mexican Theme Lunch Fiesta Mexicana

To give the students a hands on learning experience in event management, food and beverage service and food production SURYADATTA COLLEGE OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT AND TRAVEL TOURISM organizes theme lunches on a regular basis. These lunches are exclusive sit down meals for guests from the hospitality industry and a few other selected guests.

This time the theme chosen by the students was Mexican. Mexican cuisine is one of the popular cuisines in the world and resembles Indian cuisine in many ways.

Mexican cuisine is primarily a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with European, especially Spanish. The basic staples are native foods such as com,beansand chilli peppers. Europeans introduced a large number of other foods, the most important of which were meats from domesticated animals (beef, pork, chicken, goat and sheep), dairy products (especially cheese) and various herbs and spices.

The students ensured that the feel and look of a Mexican Festival (fiesta Mexicana) was replicated in the décor and ambience of the restaurant. Dream catchers, festoons made with colorful doily paper and colorful paper wheels were hung up. Charts giving information about the culture, festivals and places of tourist interest were also displayed. This exercise gave the students knowledge about Mexico as a country with an age old history.

The dining tables were covered with colorful handloom rugs. The centerpieces were bottles filled with colored balls topped with small Mexican hats made from paper mache. The male students were dressed in ponchos and Mexican hats and the girls wore pretty skirts with bead necklaces and flowers in their hair.

The lunch was attended by professionals from the hospitality industry- the HR Manager Mr Praveen Mane, Training and Quality Manager Mr Sumeet Biswas,and the Asst Front Office Manager Mr Sameer Vyas from Holiday Inn, The Training Manager (Mr Sanjay Kumar) from Westin Hotel and the HR Manager Ms Disha Kharayat with her colleague Mr Shreyas from Novotel. Principals Prof Anita Frantz of Rangoonwala College of Hotel Management and Mr Parvez Ahmed of Ambrosia College of Hotel Management. Mrs Sushma Chordiya, Secretary of Suryadatta Education Foundation and Directors of Suryadatta group of Institutes also attended the lunch.

The guests were welcomed by two students playing the guitar and singing Mexican songs. Welcome drinks and snacks were served in the lounge after which the guests moved to the main restaurant. The lunch commenced with a compere introducing the Mexican theme to the guests followed by a lively dance performed by the students.

The menu was a three course Mexican lunch. – authentic Mexican dishes like empanadas, tacos and nachos were served with the accompanying dips and sauces – guacamole, salsa and Mexican cream as starters. The main course was ‘grilled chipotle chicken/cottage cheese with refried bean rice. The meal ended with two desserts- Churroz with ice cream and Mexican fruit flan. The guests were entertained throughout the meal by a pair of musicians playing the guitar.

The theme lunch ended with all the guests individually giving a feed back about their experience. All of them were very impressed by the efforts of the students and faculty. They said that the ambience, the entertainment, the attire of the students and the food had transported them to Mexico. They praised the reception team who received them. The food and the way it was presented were highly appreciated as was the Service which was professional and precise. It was heartening to know that the guests felt that the training being imparted to the students at SCHMTT would definitely make them into successful hospitality professionals.

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