“No work is more holy than educating the next generation; Suryadatta is doing this very effectively. I bless the institute to be world famous”; says H.H. Rev. Jagadguru Shri Shri Shri Dr. Rangnath Nathrao Joshi on the occasion of Teacher’s Day

Event at hotel management colleges in pune

Suryadatta Group of Institutes celebrated Teachers day by conferring ‘Suryaguru Jivan Gaurav Puraskar: Life Time Achievement Award 2016 upon H.H. Rev. Jagadguru Shri Shri Shri Dr. Rangnath Nathrao Joshi Ji for excellence in field of Spirituality and Welfare of Mankind. His divine grace, Sadguru Acharya Dev Shri. Shri Shri Dr. Rangnath Nathrao Joshi Ji is almost the most accomplished saints in the current era. A true Siddha Mahayogi, who has dedicated his life for elevating the Spiritual and Philosophical level of mankind through kundalini Shaktipat Diksha to more than 6 lakh followers. He considers, service to humanity is the greatest form of service to Almighty. His Blessings through his literature & poems are showered on millions and millions of people worldwide. His followers look upon him us incarnation of Lord Dattaraya.

Dr Samprasad Vinod, Founder President of Maharshir Vinod Foundation was the Chief Guest and Shri Niranjan Purohit, Dy. Zonal Manager; Bank of Maharashtra was the Guest of Honor for the ceremony.

This occasion was used by the Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Dean Academics Suryadatta Group of Institutes for administrating the oath to the students. The oath was :-

I understand people relate to me.
Much more for what they can with me, than what I am with them.

I understand neither all my expectation will be fulfilled.
Nor all my expectation will remain unfulfilled.

I understand more than what happens to me.
It is my emotional response to it that determines my future.

I understand to live life in totality
is to live every moment of life intensely & enthusiastically.

I understand my life is my responsibility &
I will not blame others.

I understand that success is the journey
and not a destination.

I will leave life centered all Prem Path Chit Anand.
I will analysis my experience & improve myself through Intro spection.

He reminded to students of the sacrifices done by their teaching and non-teaching faculty for molding them into a better human beings. Therefore, he said, respect for faculty members is the fore most essential quality expected from the students. He cited the example of Eklavya who gave his thumb to his Guru Dronacharya .

While blessing the institute through his address Shri Shri Shri Dr. Rangnath Shashtri Joshi Ji said, “No work is more holy than educating the next generation and Suryadatta is doing this very effectively. I bless the institute to be world famous”. He further said the moment he entered the campus, he received positive vibrations through the enthusiasm and energy of the students and the staff. Therefore he would like to be once again a student and be a multifaceted personality, as it is done exclusively in Suryadatta. He said by sculpting each student into a career oriented professional, Prof. Dr. Sanjay and Mrs. Sushma Chordiya have created an ocean of knowledge and humanity. I can visualize that in near future the institute is becoming a premier brand and world class Educational hub. He said that so far he visited many educational institutes but has never experienced the disciplined corporate culture filled with knowledge and wisdom as prevailing in Suryadatta. He advised the students, “Vidya Vinayen Shobhate” and said that the humbleness will carry them to next level of success automatically. While accepting the honor he said that he indeed was feeling elevated by the Award which has been conferred so far upon various renowned personalities, looked upon as Saints of Modern India.

Dr Samprasad Vinod, Founder President of Maharshi Vinod Foundation, said that he is the witness for the meteoric growth of Suryadatta Group of Institutes for last two decades. He knows about the hard work done and pains gone through by Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya for achieving this milestone. He was sure that Suryadatta Group of Institutes, in next five years will be an University of world class.

Shri Niranjan Purohit, Dy. Zonal Manager, Bank of Maharashtra said that it will be honor for his bank to pick up the gems of Suryadatta for placement directly or indirectly. He assured to the students admitted by Suryadatta for guaranteed loan facility for higher education from Bank of Maharashtra, since Suryadatta is esteemed at very high level by the bank.

This was followed by felicitation of entire staff of Suryadatta by the students and three hours Cultural Program which was unique in the sense of ideas, creativity and talent.

The entire program was organized by the students of Event Management Faculty of Suryadatta Group of Institutes.

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