NSS Activities – Visit to Oldage Home

This Visit was organized keeping in mind to make the students aware & realize the bitter fact of life & to know how important it is to be internally strong inorder to keep once surrounding strong & supportive. Also to know the importance of our parents in our life. It was also needed to make students understand the space design from the oldage people’s point of view & their requirements related to interior space & their daily wear outfits suiting to their age & comfort level.

‘Janseva Foundation of Oldage Home’ is located at Ambi near Panchshet Dam, Pune. It is located in a refreshing nature’s womb. It is been established at the year 1985 by Dr. Vinod Shah.

Almost 180-200 oldage people are residing there. All the necessary care has been taken by the Janseva commitee members from their daily living, food, cloths & shelter. A daily time table has been followed for these people, which includes their daily exercise, rest, meals, different entertaining activities, maintaining their hobbies etc. The Founder Dr. Vinod Shah has taken great efforts & initiative in contributing to these great Noble Cause. Students were emotionally touched by meeting these old people & learned a lot from them. More over these old people were extremely happy & pleased to meet & spend time with these young & enthusiastic children.

At the departure time Prof. Ajit Shinde, Principal of School of Design, addressed everyone & spread the sweetness he felt by singing a song. Everyone took an oath of being supportive & helpful in their further life ahead. Overall all it was a memorable & learning visit for everyone.

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