Dear Parent / Guardian,

Greetings from Suryadatta Group of Institutes !

We are sure that you appreciate the fact that use of cell phone affects the students learning and performance. In the interest of academics and learning growth of the students, they are not allowed to bring cell phones to Campus.The mere presence of a cell phone can impair learning during a lecture. They tend to reduce attention and memory –even when they aren’tused. Students often waste their valuable time and energy doing unproductive tasks on the cell phones. They can also be used inappropriately such as forcheating during examinations.For this reason, bringing mobiles to the campus is barred by the University, AICTE and all other competent bodies. This is communicated to the students clearly at the time of admission and induction and is also reiterated by displaying notices at prominent places in the campus. We do understand that parents want their wards to carry phones for safety so that they can communicate with them when not on campus. In case of a family emergency, the parents can call on 020-67901300 .However, if you want to provide a cell phone to your ward, you are advised not to give an expensive mobile to your ward but a basic model. The institute policy clearly states that the students are not to carry any expensive item of jewellery, mobile, laptop or any such article of high value on their person to the campus, and if they do so, it’s at their own risk.We request you to kindly speak to your ward and explain him/her the above guidelines.We look forward for your continued support and cooperation in this regard.


Suryadatta Group of Institutes

Admission Open