Suryadatta College Of Hospitality Managment & Travel Tourism Guest Lecture Organised For 6th Semester

Suryadatta Group of Institution

Guest Lecture conducted by: Mr. Sachin Joshi

TOPIC- How to Open a Restaurant and the Licenses Required.

Mr. Sachin gave information on how to open a Restaurant and the Licenses required for its operation. He spoke about the various types of restaurant currently in the market and how important it is for Market Survey.

Ideally to open a Restaurant the Location or site is considered first , then the various source of finance available to open and operate the restaurant. The décor along with the furniture, Lighting, equipment required   for  the restaurant has to be in alignment with the theme of the restaurant.

The size of the structure should be measured accurately in order to ideally locate all the equipments in proper place and also to place the tables and chairs to accommodate maximum number of seating for the guest to dine in.

He spoke about the various records to be maintained like Purchase order, Requisition book, Invoices record and also the computer system which is ideal for restaurant operation which is Micros to get the daily sales record and number of each food and beverage items sold on the particular day.

Mr Sachin then spoke about the licenses required to operate the restaurant like the Shops & Establishment Certificate, BMC Health license to serve food, Heavy Machine operating permission from BMC, permission to operate more than two cylinders of gas at a time from BMC etc.

He gave a brief about staffing adequately and the necessary documents required like Provident Fund registration, ESIC certificate for hiring more than 10 staff, professional tax certificate for employees.

Mr Sachin’s workshop was very informative.

At the end of the session the students asked Mr Sachin many questions about a career in the hospitality Industry and to start own business. He answered all the questions with patience and told the students that to be successful in the industry they have to work hard and be enthusiastic about their careers.

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