SCHMTT's Prof. Mr. Prashant Pitaliya

Prashant Pitaliya

Began his career with distinguished academic and extra curriculum records.He has done his degree in economics, diploma in HRD, Journalism & Mass communication,  MBA in Marketing & Production. He has attended professional training in MBTI, WPR ,TQM/ISO, Certified coach, time & stress management etc.

Sachin Tendulkar keeps his head still and maintains perfect balance which makes him a great batsman. Similarly management follows certain fundamental principles. if these are imbibed, it is easy to manage. Prashant has bought out this in a very simple manner working from Officer level to CEO post at a very young age. He has served well known organizations like Ghatge Patil , KT group in textile, Sakal media group, SSVSS & other educational institutions for the last 20+ years. His work prominently involved synthesizing organisational processes, corporate training , creativity  and productivity relation , Idea generation for profitability,  Systems implementation for better quality & service ,general administration , liaison with government.

There is a creative restlessness in him. He always wants to be a contributor in the social fabric of the business. He has received many awards for his social contribution. To him humanity, peace, happiness, social ethics and service to mankind are of more importance.

Prashant is a successful poet, author, columnist and excellent motivational mentor. He has written 12 books out of which 4 are in the bestsellers category, various articles and published in-house magazines. His Workshops, lectures, writings, uncommon common sense approach, presence on air & television inspires people to think joyfully, positively and achieve the desired goals of their dreams and organisational vision.

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