The Importance of Yoga in Modern life to Improve Immunity

Today every country is fighting with the global pandemic ‘Corona Virus’. Everyone is trying their best to help other people. Doctors are treating patients, Scientist are finding the cure, Farmers are providing food, Medical shops are providing medicines, Grocery stores are providing essential items while we Hoteliers are helping people by providing a home for foreigners and outsiders. We are talking care of our staff by giving essential food supply with proper hygiene and sanitation rules followed by every employee.

Taj Hotels owned by Tata Group provided free rooms for doctors and their family to keep them safe. They donated amount of 1500 Crore for helping and treating the patients. People are supporting government by making themselves quarantine in their house and minimal going outside for work.

We would like to suggest everyone to keep their body healthy and fit. So: it won’t be hard for them to recover health after quarantine. Obesity ration, diabetes, cardiac attack and many other diseases have seen increasing in young generation as well.

Yoga is one of best way to keep you fit. Yoga can be done in your home as well. Hospitality industry is implementing this way in many sectors. Hospital is helping treating patients with yoga exercises, Hoteliers appointing Yoga trainer for gym, Variety of Yoga events are happening is many cities for awareness. Many State National level competitions are arranged by different organizers for developing a mindset of Health with yoga in Younger generation as it helps in Concentration, Blood Circulation, Peace, Flexibility etc.

So, we would like to suggest everyone do yoga in your home. Few asanas, pranayama, Suryanamaskar would help you improve your immune system to fight with diseases.

Animesh Padhye (BSc HS – SY)

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