Study Tour To Sula Winery, Nashik

Suryadatta college of Hospitality studies students

The curriculum for Hotel Management students includes knowledge of the different wines of the world, their characteristics and the wine making process. To add value to the curriculum SCHMTT conducted a study tour for the 2nd and 3rd year students to the Sula Wineries in Nashik The students were taken on the study tour to reinforce the classroom teachings and to give them a firsthand experience of the wine making process.

At the Sula Winery they were able to see and experience the vineyards, the different types of grapes grown there and the machinery and equipment used for making wine. They were explained the methodology of making wines in detail by the experts at the winery. A wine tasting session was also conducted and the students were explained how to taste a wine and the different criteria by which to rate a wine.

Wine has always been popular in Europe and other parts of the world and is now becoming a popular drink in India. The climate and soil of the Nashik region of Maharashtra is very conducive to the growth of grape vines and therefore this region produces the maximum wine in India. Some of the wines produced here have attained international fame and have won international awards.

The students were very happy with their experience and returned with a better knowledge and understanding of wines.

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