Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management & Travel Tourism Pune

SCHMTT Organized Industrial Canteen Visit at Cummins India

Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management & Travel Tourism Pune planned a Industrial canteen visit at Cummins India Ltd for the students of S.Y. BSc. H.S. on 21st July 2017.The operation In Charge Mrs.Sonali Sidhaye coordinated the complete visit with informative knowledge about starting from storage of raw materials, cooking and dining area of the same.

Students and faculty at the Cummins India Ltd, seen with Operation Head Mrs. Sonali Sidhaye Head Chef Satyam Singh and Sr.Canteen Manager Mr.A.P Kulkarni
The student had a very different experience as they had witnessed the complete operation of a huge canteen ,it was also one of the largest canteen in Maharashtra. Students were overwhelmed to see the very large cooking equipments and the actual bulk cooking. Mr.Kulkarni also explained the characteristic difference between ordinary catering and the Industrial catering. Students visit all the respective areas and got the information of it. Head Chef explain the entire day to day kitchen operation to the students.
Later lunch was organized for the students in the VIP canteen.
After the lunch there was a small felicitation is done for the Mrs. Sonali Shidhaye and Sr. Canteen Manager Mr.A.P.Kulkarni, this time question- answer session was organized where students asked many questions regarding the same.
Overall this visit was very informative & a learning experience for the students wherein they have seen and understand the complete operation of Industrial canteen and it will help them in their future career.

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