Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management & Travel Tourism Pune planned a Bakery visit at Bake Lite Factory, Nahre Pune.

Industrial Visit to Malpani's Bake-Lite

Quality Manager Mr. Vinay Verma, has coordinated the complete visit with informative knowledge about starting from storage of raw material, preparation, baking and packaging area of the same.
The student had a very different experience as they had witnessed the complete operation of a huge bakery. The Quality manager has explained all the operations of bakery. The bakery has three sections in first section all the pre-preparations were carried out, they has both automated machines and manual labor for the same work. In this students were able to equipments like dough kneading machines, dough sheeting machine. Second section of bakery was baking area where they has three big rotary oven and a big proofer for products which requires fermentation. Third section was of cooling area and packaging section from this area all the products are dispatched. Students were overwhelmed to see the very large equipments and the operations of bakery.
After the lunch there was a small felicitation is done for the Unit Manager, Mr. Kumar and Quality Manager, Mr. Vinay Verma, this time question- answer session was organized where students asked many questions regarding the same.
Later students has purchased various products from the same bakery.
Overall this visit was very informative & a learning experience for the students wherein they have seen and understand the complete operation of Industrial canteen and it will help them in their future career.

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